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Church Reopening Postponed

Church Family,

I hope this summer has been good to you. It has been a challenging year with so many changes in our church, country, and the world. Our goal was to reopen the church building for this sabbath and worship. With the recent rise in cases in our county, we will need to postpone once again. Also, due to the increase in temperatures, we will be meeting on Zoom this Sabbath. I know for some, this will feel like a setback. The various forms of distancing are rising our desire to come together as a community and worship God.

The church board empowered a task force to help us work within state and conference guidelines to open the church. This empowerment allowed the task force to move forward and make decisions with our ever-changing circumstances. While the task force is helping us get ready, we all have a role to play in keeping each other safe.

One way we all can help is by volunteering. We need volunteers for critical roles when we reopen. Based on each person’s comfort level, we need the following:

- Outside Welcome Team: Individuals who will take temperatures and help people with the new safety features of our service. These volunteers will be wearing gloves and model physical distancing. Nurses and medical individuals would be helpful.

- Ushers: To help people quickly locate a place to sit, within physical distancing.

Volunteering in these two areas of service will be very helpful in our reopening. Please contact Elder Valorie Sparks at (951) 672-1050 if you choose to volunteer or have any questions.

As we move forward, let us as a Church family. Pray for our country, our state, and each other. Let us not just do it privately but publicly. We are inundated with so many levels of disheartening information that we need to pray! Pray that God will touch our hearts and the hearts of our leaders. In this stressful time, we can lean on a God who will encourage us and make way for us. The power of prayer is mighty, and I urge us at this time to flex that spiritual muscle for physical outcomes. Let us come together on Zoom, Wednesday, July 16th at 7 pm, and Pray.

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