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What Does It Mean To Worship?

539418 what does it mean to worship

Our hearts are postured to worship. As Christ followers, we were created by God to worship Him. But we tend to offer our adoration and allegiance to people and things other than Him. Come along with us on this journey as we dive into what worship is and how we can learn to live a lifestyle that puts God as the top priority in our lives.
File Date Title
08/15/2019 Day 7 - We worship by surrendering our will to God. Download
08/14/2019 Day 6 - We worship by trusting God. Download
08/13/2019 Day 5 - We worship by serving God. Download
08/12/2019 Day 4 - We worship by adoring God. Download
08/11/2019 Day 3 - We worship through music. Download
08/10/2019 Day 2 - Why should we worship God? Download
08/09/2019 Day 1 - What is worship? Download