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Trusting God in the Storm

543215 trusting god in the storm

When life hits like a tornado, where do we go? When we’re anxious about the future, to whom do we turn? Over thousands of years, God’s people have faced setbacks, even disasters. Their experiences show us ways we can respond and how our faith in God can remain intact—and maybe get even more real.
File Date Title
04/08/2020 Day 9 - Incomprehensible Peace Download
04/07/2020 Day 8 - Inexplicable Joy Download
04/06/2020 Day 7 - Holding onto Hope Download
04/05/2020 Day 6 - Peace in Crazy Times Download
04/04/2020 Day 5 - Waiting for God Download
04/03/2020 Day 4 - Trusting God in Trouble Download
04/01/2020 Day 3 - Down and Out but Looking Up Download
03/31/2020 Day 2 - Lament Download
03/30/2020 Day 1 - Whirlwind Download