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Drive-In Service Guidelines

Time: 11 am

Drive-In Service Guidelines 

For the drive-in service please remain in your car to practice social distancing, except for bathroom use.

Before you arrive: 

-  Use the restroom before you come. Restrooms will be available if needed, but we will be limiting the number of persons using them at any point in time to comply with social distancing outlined by the state.  

-  Pack Snacks. This is very important for kids. 

-  Bring Activities for the Kids. Being in a car can be boring to some kids. Coloring books and activities while service is happening can make time pass by faster. 

-  Fill up on Gas. If it gets cold, your car will need to run the AC.  

When you arrive: 

-  Please Practice Social Distancing Guidelines. If you need to use the bathroom, please practice sensitivity to others with physical distancing, even if you are a compulsive hugger. 

-  Wear masks if you exit the car to use the bathroom. 

-  Sabbath school supplies will be passed out.